The American College of Healthcare Trustees


The American College of Healthcare Trustees

The American College of Healthcare Trustees will be having its annual stockholders and Board of Directors meeting June 24th, 2019. Board Members, officers, and stockholders should please mark their calendars now. Fellows are also invited to attend although cannot vote. Please be on the lookout for further details and upcoming newsletters and emails. There are many compelling reasons to become a Fellow of our vibrant organization. You can join our community of dedicated and visionary people. If you are not already a Fellow of The American College of Healthcare Trustees, JOIN THE ACHT HERE

Advanced Healthcare Consultants, LLC is owned by 5 Fellows of the American College of Healthcare Trustees which itself owns approximately 9%. This entrepreneurship group was formed to develop several projects including one on focused echocardiography in the intensive care unit, another on the use of wearables to monitor and treat distress, and a third on making travel easier for people with disabilities. The first two projects are under development while the third project, called Worldwide Mobility Solutions, is open for business. Please check out the Advanced Healthcare Consultants website for a broad brush description of these projects.  telegraph Baltimore
Our sixth conference will provide important information for everyone in the healthcare space and is equally important to serious laypeople concerned with the welfare of our citizens. It will be on integrative medicine and how to help solve the opioid crisis. Dr. Carl Middleton is organizing this project. Anyone who wishes to help sponsor this event should contact to either Carl or Dave at 844 322-4867 or schedule a phone call with Dave.
Thank you to those who have purchased items from our store for existential leaders. We are fine-tuning this store to make sure we have items that are most in demand from our Fellows and friends. There are many secure ways to pay on the website including PayPal, Amazon pay, Shopify pay, and the usual credit cards.
BALTIMORE HARBORThank you to those who have shopped in the Store for Exponential Leaders
We are exploring the feasibility of us becoming a distributor of medical devices, especially with regard to minimally invasive surgery. Those wishing to collaborate with us or provide input, please use the link above to schedule a call with Dave.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon, either at our stockholders and Board meeting or at our conference on integrative medicine.

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