Usb Vacuum Keyboard Cleaning Brush Dust Collector Led Light Computer Accessories

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Computer dedicated USB vacuum cleaner
Note: When vacuuming the stubborn dust on the surface of the computer keyboard, telephone, fax machine, etc., replace the vacuum cleaner with a small brush attached to the vacuum cleaner and sweep it while sucking. The effect is obvious!

[name] USB mini vacuum cleaner
[Specification] 10*3.4*4 CM
[Material] ABS
[Packaging] suction card
[Remarks] USB interface power supply

[Product Description] This mini USB vacuum cleaner is designed to clean your computer. You don't have to worry about the dust and dirt in your computer. You can enjoy a comfortable and clean computer environment.

1. Directly plugged into the USB interface without additional power supply, low noise and low power consumption.
2. Effectively remove hard-to-reach dust between computer keyboards.
3. Equipped with lights to focus on effective vacuuming.
4. Designed with adjustable high-grade to absorb heavy dust.
5. It can also be used as dust removal for IT products such as chassis, digital camera, monitor, and mainframe.



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